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What does he like to eat? New anxiety unlocked

BB (Belgian Boy) moves in Sunday. We have all his school and medical records...pretty much any records we need for him to stay with us safely. I know he likes basketball, football, and fishing among a ton of other things. He's travelled the world, his house is enormous, he has a brother, his parents are doctors. All this and my priority is..."what does he like to eat"?

I'm a feeder. I will feed anyone who comes to my house, now don't get me wrong, I'm not a foodie, I just like to take care of people with food. There's a big difference. I'm not even that good of a cook, I have a cycle of about 10 things I make and then I go off the rails and try new things but I'm pretty basic when it comes to all that.

So I think once he gets here we're just going to head to the grocery store and Costco. He's 17 and 6' 4" so I'm thinking our grocery bill will go up a bit. As crazy as that sounds, this makes my heart go pitter patter a bit. lol

I'm consciously thinking about him meeting us for the first time, how strange that must be for him. Daunting, exciting, nerve-racking...I'm sure all the things. He's been in the US since September so I'm sure he's adjusted to the big culture shift but moving someplace else for second semester must put a little damper on his experience as it wasn't part of the plan. Of course this makes me want to make things even more comfortable and provide him the experiences he was hoping for when he got on that plane.

I'll share more as we are all comfortable, I have a thing about keeping my kids' things private unless they specifically express that I can share. This isn't my kid, but it is my kid for the next 5 months so I'll treat him absolutely no differently than if he had my blood running through his veins. I am so looking forward to this experience.

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