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Our Belgian Boy...

That's literally all we know if him so far...we think he's 17 and don't even know what year he is. We know what school we're driving him to everyday but that is pretty much the extent of it. I don't even know what he likes to do, likes to eat, whether he has friends, how's he's liking his experience so far, nothing. He moves in on Sunday at 10am. I'm nesting.

I've been empty nesting for 2.5 years, my husband for longer. We didn't move in together until this past June but that's a crazy story for another day. I am very much looking forward to more noise, I know that a lot of people are having the time of their lives as an empty nester and there definitely are benefits but deep in my soul, what I love more than anything, is taking care of people. So I'm looking forward to BB (Belgian Boy) moving in...I'll be giving him space to just "be" so that we can all get to know each other at his own pace. It's an interesting thing knowing that you'll be essentially raising someone else's kid for 5 months. Daunting. Would they approve of my style? Does his mama know he's safe with me? Is she worried? Anxious? I'm sure she misses him.

He's not mine but he will be "mine" for 5 months. Bring on the noise, the late night feedings, the homework, the taxi driving...I'm here for it.

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