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I was cold so I made sweatshirts...

I wasn't planning on making and ordering sweatshirts today but that's exactly what I did. Minnesota Women sweatshirts...because I'm cold and I wanted them. lol I'll have a few available for sale at the Unmapped Brewery event on 2/22 and then they will be made to order through Cheeky Lisa, a small, women-owned company. Lisa is my husband's cousin, a Minnesota Woman, and a mom of 2. Definitely sounds like something I should support, and well...I was cold. lol

I'm going to try and do more over here for awhile. Tiktok isn't very "equal opportunity" for those who are interested in the events. I've learned pretty quickly what to post, how to post, and when to post in order to get more views but I realize that I much prefer the community of Minnesota Women that engage rather than the global masses. In fact, I had a video that was going crazy very quickly yesterday and I took it down when it was at 48,000 views because I don't think it accurately represented me and how I wanted to walk through this life. It would probably have been a big one, it had already gotten me more followers, but at the end of the day I realize that's not what I even want. I want this. From now on I think I'll focus my attention on building this site, creating community here, and using social media and other avenues just to create awareness. As David from Wild Things Antiques said, I want to surround myself with good people who want to surround themselves with good people, and social media doesn't always allow that. I'll still be there, just not as intently and definitely not a focus.

Here's the mock up of the sweatshirt...I'm warmer already!


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