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First press release off to well....the "presses"!

Writing press releases is natural for me, I've done it my whole career yet this one feels different. Different because it's for something I truly believe in... when I pushed "send" it was the first time I really hoped it would get to the right people, people who understand how important deep connections are for women.

I've never had a lot of really close girlfriends. I mean, I have friends, but yesterday when life didn't go as planned, I wanted to pick up the phone and be sad with someone. I thought about who I could call, there wasn't an immediate person that came to mind. It makes me wonder if you can miss something you never really had? Because I do. Do you?

Kookaburra is important to me. Important enough to finance, important enough to take the risk and leave my job. Which, btw, ended up being a significant mental health boost anyway. Now all I think about is how to promote outside of social media and into more of a mainstream audience. So many women want this, I get hundreds of to just be able to get to the point where I can plan more events, hire some women to help, and get to more locations across the state. Big things coming...I hope. 😉 See you on the 18th!

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