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Ack! Unmapped Brewery is coming up

....and I haven't talked about it much! I definitely had the St. Paul College Club in my head as the priority this month but I need to get moving! If I'm feeling creative-ish maybe I'll do a TikTok tonight but for those of you who are interested, I think we have about 82 of 200 spots left. Big venue, big event but casual.

I've also received a lot of feedback of doing smaller events so I organized one with Lynn of Lynn Laumann Photography This one is a paid event as we're bringing appetizers and beverages (I mean, of course) and you'll receive a beautiful headshot after the event that you can use professionally, socially, whatever you would like. Lynn normally does headshots for $150 and we're both bringing this to you for $75 including the apps and beverages...(of course).

A couple more possibilities are in the works and then before you know it we'll be able to be outside, woohoo! I cannot wait until I can do some impromptu pop up type know, "Tomorrow...10am...Lake Harriet". Sounds like a dream.

PS...parent pick up line is a nightmare...more of that one on the clock app. yeesh.

OH! Minnesota Women sweatshirts are available now too...almost forgot! Check them out here: Cheeky Lisa

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