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A home visit and a visit that felt like home...

This morning we had our home visit and although that sounds as though we are embarking on some great humanitarian mission, we are just getting ready to host an exchange student. However, I do think this will bring me closer to where I'd love to be which is fostering a ton of kids and giving those more vulnerable of getting lost in the system a home. I have done so much work on myself in the last few years that I hope my end reward will be to have the gumption, bravery, and wherewithal to do more...more of what delights me, more of what scares me, more of what I've always dreamed of. Fostering falls into that last category.

We went to Wild Things Antiques in Fridley today. David, one of the owners alongside his husband Joshua, said that they started the collective because they wanted to surround themselves by good people. What David and Joshua have built is quite's palpable when you walk inside, it pulses, it beats, it feels like being wrapped in a warm, soft blanket. It is a place that is safe for all to express their true selves, there is no hatred in those walls. David and Joshua probably don't know the full extent of what they created but it is truly remarkable and something that must be personally witnessed.

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