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After being in marketing and communications for more than 25 years for both non-profits and corporations, I recently stepped back to intentionally take the time to think about where I wanted to focus next.


Alongside the events I plan for Minnesota Women, I am now taking on new clients to support with B2B/B2B marketing, communications, social media, brand management, PR, etc. My focus will be on small emerging brands and companies and fees will operate on a sliding scale to further support the needs of entrepreneurs.

    My Experience

    • LinkedIn


    • Leadership vs. Management

    • Event Planning/Educational Resources

    • Storytelling & Insights

    • Brand integrity

    • Budget/Forecast

    • B2B & B2C Marketing & Communications

    • Strategic Partnerships

    • Public Speaking/ Public Relations/Media

    • Pricing/Promotional Campaigns

    • Consulting/Acting as an Agency

    2022 – present

    Founder, Kookaburra Meets LLC

    • Organize events for Minnesota Women 

    • TikTok micro influencer with a following of 13,000 

    • Marketing consulting

    2012 – 2023

    Director of Marketing & Communications, INFRA

    • Led a team of six FTE - company branding and communications, B2B MarCom, B2C MarCom, brand promotional marketing, retail marketing, education, events, and all external communications/publications

    • Participated on the Leadership Team along with CEO, VP and five other department heads

    • Responsible for brand integrity and development of sustainability partner relationships including NGOs focused on organic, regenerative ag, food waste, etc.

    • Participated in EDIB training

    • Planned national and regional events with budgets ranging between $5k and $500k

    • Well-versed in partnering to tell the story of the insights inside data such as SPINS, Google Analytics, FMI, Mintel, location demographics, and other

    • Grew company brand from an unknown entity to a sought-after brand which led to a rebrand in 2019 – led rebrand from ideation to conception to rollout to continual refinement and brand extensions

    • Seasoned public speaker and PR professional

    • Partnered with distribution such as Rainforest, UNFI, & KeHE for communication and marketing passthrough to retail members

    • Developed scalable programs for all INFRA stakeholders; members, vendors, and distributors to meet the needs of a diverse audience

    • Participated on the Leadership Team for 10 years of tenure at INFRA contributing to rapid growth of staff, membership, opportunities, and brand strength

    2008 – 2012

    Community Relations Manager, CEE

    • Managed outreach and marketing team for LCCMR, Community Energy Services, and financing programs

    • Worked with Xcel, CenterPoint, and local government to design, develop, implement, and analyze success on various energy programs across the state of Minnesota

    • Streamlined processes and brand programs for financing team to ensure clear and consistent messaging and communications

    • Responsible for both internal and external company communications and brand integrity

    • Maintained and updated company website – analyzed traffic for refinement

    • Established symbiotic working relationships to grow and leverage programs


    More experiences, references, and portfolio available upon request


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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