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Media & Testimonials

I welcome opportunities to talk with magazines, podcasts, and other to help us spread the word about "Minnesota Women"! To connect with me for this and speaking opportunities contact me here



"Erica was vulnerable, saw a need, filled that need, and gave us all a safe space to be 'us'. She was what we all needed without us even knowing it."


"This woman can do everything and anything! She is motivated, outgoing, optimistic and full of purpose in all she does!" 


"Erica is a gem, hardworking and passionate!"


"What you see is what you get...she radiates positivity in everything she does, her energy, contagious, her motivation, inspiring."


"Erica is amazing! Her can do approach to creating new friendship and community has been inspiring and impactful!"


"Erica is a force. She is a kind force, and a social force who has created an environment that has made many of us seen."


"Erica's ability to make other's feel included and important is a vital, yet rare skill. Her zest is contagious. She's amazing!"


"Erica saw a need for women in the community and singlehandedly set out to meet that need."


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