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In October 2022 I posted my first, very random TikTok asking women what they do now that the kids are gone. As an empty nester for the past couple years, and during COVID, I was having a hard time focusing on myself and somewhat lamenting that this chapter was over. In November I posted about how hard it is to make friends in Minnesota as a transplant even though I have been here for 22 years. Both of those videos did well and I realized there was something I could do to celebrate transitions in women's lives and support those who feel like they don't have a strong network of girlfriends in this, and other stages in life...


I planned an impromptu meet up for the beginning of November inviting Minnesota Women to come meet each other at Lake Harriet. I only posted this on TikTok and much to my surprise, about 100 women showed. From there I realized that I needed to keep going. Not only was this helping me but it had the potential to help thousands of women across Minnesota. Fast forward six months and we've had events all over the Twin Cities with more scheduled. Event locations are intentionally chosen to support local businesses and economic recovery in the Twin Cities post-COVID.  

Events are for ALL Minnesota women who stumble upon this site and are looking to meet new people. They will be ticketed and may require a fee dependent on the venue and activity. I do not want events to be cost prohibitive so I have set up a scholarship fund that can be utilized at my discretion for those who need a little extra assistance. Scholarships are limited for each event and are available first-come, first-served and only as events still have space. For more information on scholarships, please contact me directly.


I hope to meet you soon!


Erica Schulte King

Owner/Founder, Kookaburra Meets

Kookaburra Meets is an ally to all - trans women and non-binary people are welcome in our community and at our events.

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