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After my kids left home, I found it hard to make friends.

That's why I started Kookaburra Meets, events for Minnesota Women.

My name is Erica Schulte King.

In October 2022, I posted a random TikTok asking women what they do after their kids leave home. I had been an empty nester for a few years, and I was having a hard time finding something new to do with myself.


A month later, I posted about how hard I was finding it to make friends in Minnesota. I moved here 22 years ago, but I didn’t feel like my network was strong.

Both of these videos blew up. My feelings resonated with women around Minnesota. Wondering if anyone would come, I planned an impromptu meeting at Lake Harriet, in Minneapolis, in the dead of winter. To my surprise, 100 people showed up.


That’s when I realized that I needed to start Kookaburra Meets: events for Minnesota women to meet each other.

Since then, I’ve planned and hosted events all over the Twin Cities for women to get out and meet each other. From wineries to musicals to simple lake meet-ups, we have something for you. And each of our events is designed to help local businesses, especially those owned by women, recover and grow after the Covid-19 pandemic.


I’ve never run my own business before, so starting Kookaburra Meets has been a wild journey. I hope that you’ll join me at some of our events and make this ride all the more worth it. And if you think what I'm doing is worth supporting, please donate. Any amount helps me plan and host even more free events for Minnesota women.

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Kookaburra Meets is an ally to all. Trans and non-binary people are welcome in our community and at our events.


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